Life Learning Lessons from "Ants"...!!!!

Life Learning Lessons from "Ants"

An Ants are only animals in the world that teaches us a very valuable lessons for which majority human being keeps complaining. If we just think for a moment about their life style we realize that our problems are nothing as compared to Ants. 

What we can learn from them???

Keep Working until they Die.

  Never Complain.

Team Work.

Future Planning for survival.

No one can stop them from working, they get whatever they want at any cost.

If we look at the Ants we notice that they always remain in a working mode. They keeps on walking and accumulating foods for their survival. And interesting point is that there is no fix place for their food and that's why they are habituated with how to look for new opportunities and accordingly they starts looking for new places for their food no matter how far it is but they go and take it.

And we human being wait for opportunity to come and then we decide what to do?? Should we take or not. The difference between human and Ants is that they creates opportunity while we wait for it. And therefore they win and we just keep on waiting..!!!

Team Work is their biggest Strength that we all know very well. We rarely see them alone otherwise they always stay together. It also says about their faith and reliance on each other. The learning part here is, in our personal life as well as in professional life we should also keep faith and reliance on our family member and office colleagues. Without them we are nothing and that is truth. 

I personally believe that whatever happens with us "Good"  that is just because of hidden energy of GOD that reaches us in number of different forms like, if you are stuck in your work then you continuously focus on it and in back of your mind you are also waiting for someone to come and help or guide and suddenly you will find that someone will come to you and help you and that someone will be the person sent by GOD. And the moment you came out of your problem the first line that we say is "Thank God", that means we also confirm that my problem solved by GOD. Hence, always develop the habit of "Gratitude's"!!!

"Someone" will not be only human being it may be anything from this universe like Books, Social Media, guidance of our senior, group discussion, etc. But everything will be possible in your favor only if you are confident and persistent about your work or task whatever the case may be. The best example is "Arjun" who was stuck in Kurukshetra and did not want to fight with "Kaurav" and then he started asking questions about his dilemma and then "Great God Krishna" helped him and guided him to go and fight. The important learning here is why "Krishna" helped "Arjun"??? It is just because his intention was good, he did not want to fight just because they all were family and Arjun respected his family first and therefore looking his positive intention God helped him. The same way we all have to react in any situation whether it is bad or good. We have to be thankful to all person in our life that helps us, guide us, motivate us and in all such situation our intention should be always positive and not be negative for any person or things. 

"Just because of "Arjun" we all are blessed with "Bhagvad Geeta"...๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.!!!!!!

If "Arjun" did not ask the questions "God Krishna" would not be in a position to answer his questions.... "Hence Keep asking Good Questions that probably not only helps you but also others....

Another learning from "Ants" is that they Never Complain about their failure or something they are not able to do. And human psychology is very clear that if something happens good to us we take full credit of it and for Bad we start blaming others and start complaining. By complaining we simply avoiding responsibility. This psychology is totally wrong instead as i mentioned above for all Good things we have to be thankful to God and for Bad things we have to take its full responsibility and then we have to start improving ourselves to identify the reason for failure and again start working on it to make it perfect. "FOR THAT WE HAVE TO DEVELOP POSITIVE ATTITUTE"..... Because Attitude is Everything and that ultimately shapes our future.

The best ever learning that I personally like is their "Never Give Up" attitude. ANTS they never give up until they die. And we all have experienced this right?. When Ants are walking around we put our finger before them and in very next second they change their way. Again we put our finger again they change their way. And this keeps on happening until they reach their destination point and ultimately we tired and take our fingers back and then they continue to their way with full of faith and confidence. Because they are very clear about their vision and mission that if they stop here and went back they will die without food and they are also very well aware that either we human kill them or let them go. In short they know that they have to "Keep Working Until They Die"...!!!! So from next time do not stop them...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

They are also master in Future Planning for their survival. Their favorite season is summer because they need warm atmosphere. And therefore during summer we often finds them around corner of our house. During summer they can easily find their food for survival. But the question is what about winter and monsoon season??.. For that they starts accumulating their foods in summer itself for survival in winter and monsoon. What an advanced planning. We all have to learn from it that how we plan our future, our tomorrow. Most of the people are not even clear about what they are going to do tomorrow. Then planning for future is nothing for such people. And therefore when we realized that we have wasted our valuable time we feel bad and again start blaming ourselves for not taking necessary steps during good time. So open your eyes and starts looking where you want after 5 years??? Where you will be after 5 years??? What is your future responsibilities??? What is your strength??? What is your weakness???? And to reach that place what actions are required to be taken and start taking single steps every day and make your future bright and successful....!!!!!

Thank You..๐Ÿ˜Š    


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