Profitable Stocks for Next Week 24-08-20 to 28-08-20


 Bharti Airtel:-

Bharti Airtel has breached the support of 540 and closed at 520. Hence, for next week it can be shorted with Stop Loss around 540 for target of 484.

HDFC Bank:-

HDFC Bank can move to 1100-1125 next week. Stop loss should be 1065-1070. It has reversed from 1060 level and closed at 1085. Hence for next week it may try to test it's resistance level of 1125. (Weightage of HDFC Bank if high in Bank Nifty hence if HDFC bank perform well then Bank Nifty can also move high.)

ICICI Bank:-

One more from Banking Sector "ICICI Bank" looks positive for next week. Current closing price is 371 and best buy level is 375 for target of 384 with stop loss around 370. In last week there was good buying volume observed. 

State Bank Of India:-

After two Private Sector Bank one bank from Public Sector looks positive is "State Bank of India". It is one of the bank which is not able to sustain above 200 and since very long time breakout is awaited. On 12th Aug'20 it managed to close above 200 but then fail to sustain above it and currently trading at 198. But next week if it start trading above 200 then we may see rally towards 205-210-215.

UPL Limited:-

Above is Weekly chart of "UPL Ltd" and as per weekly chart there is resistance around 500-510 and therefore once it start trading above 510 then it may move towards 530 and above 530 it can touch 600 level. Below 500 no trade for time being.

TATA Motor:-

TATA Motor is buy from great risk to reward point of view. It has already given breakout above 120 on 10th Aug'20 and then made a high of 132.65 and then retrace breakout level of 120 on last Friday. Hence, in coming week if Tata Motor sustain above 120 then it will be good opportunity to buy for target of 130-132 with stop loss of 120.

TITAN Com Ltd:-

"TITAN Company Ltd" is one of the up trending stock with higher high and higher low chart formation looks bullish for coming week. Like Tata Motor, TITAN has also retraced to its previous high level of 1130 and closed at 1138. So it can move towards 1150-1160 with stop loss of 1130-1125.

SBI Life Insurance:-

"SBI Lif" will be shorting candidate for next week below 860. And reason is negative price action on Friday. It has made bearish candle with high volume and closed at 861, if in coming week it sustain below 860 then we may see level of 825-830 on downside. Fresh long entry can be only taken above 890. For SBI Life range of 890-860 is selling area where sellers are active.

GRASIM Industries:-

We have seen classic breakout in "GRASIM Industries" with huge positive volume. Levels are mentioned on chart. It can move towards 700 with stop loss of 655.


There is Higher High and Higher Low chart pattern formed in "LUPIN Ltd". On Friday it has closed near to trend line at 981. In coming week if Lupin sustain above 980 then we may see upward rally towards 1000-1030. And above 1030 non stop rally can be seen. Trend is positive and price action is also very strong.

(Disclaimer: Above is my personal view on stocks for next week. It is neither paid service not tip. Take your own decision while you take any trade.)

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