100% Accuracy Strategy for Trading & Investing

Today i will share 100% accurate and most profitable strategy for trading & investing which are followed by successful traders and investors. And the name of strategy is "Build your Own Set Up" that gives you conviction power and confidence about your view on market. And successful people are following the same. But what majority of traders are looking for short cut tricks with straight buy and sell signal that's it. Such things will not work forever to sustain in market you have to be different from others. Everyone is just searching for profit making strategy and that is also 100% on different social media platform but no one wants to develop their own set up. As per my view we have to use media platform just for our knowledge and learning purpose only and not for copy and paste.
We do not have to switch over mind towards any strategy or set up that shown in media. First try to understand that set up whether it has some logic, price action component in it and then do back testing on different stocks and find accuracy level of set up and then apply. Don't directly jump and dump your money. The best ever set up is your own made set up. If you follow what others are following then you will also get what others are getting. And if you want to sustain in market then you must have to think different. 

You also well aware that in market successful traders are very less & struggling are uncountable. If you have to successful then start thinking different from others. Nothing is hard if you are committed to your ultimate goal. You have to start devoting more time to analyse market, read books, viewing charts and then definitely you will find something different that makes you different from others.

Let's understand with example of Nifty-50:

After making low in March'20 market remain in upward trend till July'20. When ever market went down for few days immediately majority of traders started shorting because the sentiments were negative due to corona pandemic, recession news, lock down but then what happened next Nifty started moving up and up again and again. And majority of traders who are new or who are not aware about market structure they end up with loss only. And reason is that everyone wants to enjoy downside rally like Feb & March. As i mentioned above successful traders are less than struggling one and therefore only that few successful traders managed to book good profit because they were remain with trend. And those inspired with news flows they fail to predict the market. Here those traders who just copy others they will never understand what to do because they are totally dependent on others.

There are few traders who are using paid service of experts then nothing wrong in it because that is also your own set up only difference is instead of using your own mind they are using experts mind. But those traders who wants to become successful and expert for them it is important to develop your own mind to learn and understand the market. So that one day someone will pay you for using your mind. Hahahahaha..Think differently.

I have seen so many Gola Method or Short cut kinds of strategy on social media like YouTube, telegram, twitter, etc. One of the famous strategy i have seen is 1st 15 Minute high low break. For a moment you start feeling that it is so promising and profitable strategy because they only show the chart where in there is movement above high or below low of 1st 15 Minute candle. No price action element anywhere hence not acceptable at all according to my view. Even some of the traders on online platform have developed strategy for 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 01:00 PM, etc. Unbelievable logic behind such set up. And here most of the traders trapped because no use of mind just follow it blindly. Why traders like such set up ?. And the answer is no hardwork, no use of mind, no logic, no in-depth knowledge of price action. After following such set up initially they start earning but movement they suffer big loss then again start searching new short cut set up and again same story. 

If you ever gone through famous books on trading and investing you will not find such short cut tricks anywhere. And if you ever come to know any book where in such strategies are mentioned then please let me know in comment section.

If you want to read books to learn trading and investing then i prefer "Technical Analysis of Financial Market" by John J. Murphy. Here you know what exactly trading system is, how and when to apply it, how to look at price action and many more. In this book you will find everything about market structure, trading psychology, technical analysis, Dow Theory, chart construction, concept of trend and much more. And those who are interested to learn chart Pattern then read "Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns" by Thomas N. Bulkowski where in total 63 kind of chart patterns are discussed with in-depth analysis on chart. Like such there are number of books written on market you can search and read.

Now, you think that how to develop your own trading set-up after getting proper knowledge of technical analysis, chart patterns, price action. So first go for back testing and improve it to best risk reward ratio. For example if you think that when "RSI" cross above level of "50" is less profitable than cross above "60" then apply RSI "60" level set up instead of 50 because level 60 gives you more conviction and confidence about more strength in trend. Like that you can improve other indicator also with confirmation of price action on chart.

After doing that keep daily record of your profitable as well as loss making trades and keep updating it. Against that put remarks like why you have took entry or exit, which indicator you have used, why your trade hit the stop loss, etc. Then review your sheet time to time and find where you did the mistake. Note down that mistake and next time avoid that while taking entry. 

If you follow above steps for 2-3 months definitely your confidence level improved and you will be more responsible towards your each single trade. Also understand important terminology of market like support and resistance, over bought and over sold market, market trend, divergence, etc. Because such terminology gives you some hidden signal of buy and sell if you focus on it.    

So from when you are going to start your step towards your own improvement and success. Please comment below and share it.And if you have any suggestions regarding any topic then also please share it through comment section. 

Thank You...

Happy Trading.

"Learn & Earn Motive Only"

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